I show people how to find solutions to everyday physical, mental, and emotional challenges

Darren Becket


I show people how to find solutions to everyday physical, mental, and emotional challenges

Darren Becket


I’m a wellness expert and health coach who can show you how to heal your body, strengthen your mind, and excite your soul for more energy and potential to create a thriving life.


I’ve helped hundreds of individuals to create fit, fun, successful and healthy lives all while they manage their busy schedules with more ease and less burn out.  

Over the last 8 years I have applied my expertise as a strength and conditioning coach, neuromuscular therapist, martial artists, NLP coach, meditation practitioner and nutritionist to help my clients create and live a life full of energy.

In my work, I've coached professional athletes to recover from debilitating injuries, guided actors to stay fit and injury free for big screen roles, assisted seniors to walk without a cane, and I've run global health and peak performance events, including at Cannes Lions and with companies such as Four Seasons, Manduka, and Dr. Murad. 

I feel extremely grateful to have built a career around giving back, helping people to achieve their best; best mind, best body, and best self.

    Darren keeps a wonderfully pure energy field within and around himself. Being in his presence is instantly calming and peaceful
    — Leah Lau

    official bio

    Raised in Southern California, Darren spent his childhood enthralled with outdoor activities, martial arts, sport and a passion for how humans relate to each other. His early life struggles with weight, chronic back pain, and depression fueled a lifelong fascination with alternative medicine. Darren is passionate about the powerful connection humans share with nature, and explores this topic daily in his own self-work and with clients across the globe.

    Darren graduated with a degree in conflict mediation, and furthered his studies in sports medicine, psychology and the alternative healing modalities. The combination of these subjects led him to the creation of a cohesive philosophy for optimal health and well-being.