My role in your life is to facilitate health programs and services that benefit you on many levels.

As a fitness and movement specialist I craft the perfect workouts.

As a qigong, tai chi and meditation teacher I help my students to maintain a balanced body and mind.

As a massage therapist I sooth muscles and create the right environment for recovery and injury prevention.

As an adventure guide I encourage my clients to do things they’ve always dreamed of doing, but never thought they could.

As a human I understand that life can be challenging, but with consistent support and proper guidance we can overcome many things that hold us back from living our best life.

I look forward to being of assistance in your journey to better health and well-being. In the words of Leonard Nimoy, “Live long and Prosper.”

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Areas of focus

Strength & conditioning

Fitness success is determined by your skill level in everyday movement patterns. Learn to lift weights, stretch, and move according to your goals and body type.


Between fitness and meditation, there is a powerful “sweet spot” that promotes healing in the body, creates clarity of the mind, and strengthens the heart. Qi gong/Tai chi/Yoga, are ancient movement practices that incorporate breathing and coordinated movements for overall health and vitality.


A blend of mastered massage tools and strategies are used to create an unforgettable experience. Luxuriously hydrating oils, powerful stretches, and bodywork techniques penetrate deep into tissues, relieving stress and tensions so the body can safely restore to balance. A peaceful environment is carefully curated for optimal relaxation and results.


Otherwise known as internal martial arts, our ability to maintain emotional equilibrium in times of turmoil is a learned trait mastered over time. Learn to skillfully navigate your emotions for better relationships, a healthier body, and more successful business.


Meditation can be a powerful tool for taming the monkey mind. Observe your thoughts, environment, and physiology with curiosity, instead of criticism, and you reap the benefits of a calm body, focused mind, and enhanced sense of self. The challenge is in practice. The mastery is in the depth of that practice.

Adventure Guide

Playing outdoors is a wonderful way to get exercise. Strengthen your body and get a good sweat with a guided hike, surf, run, or bike ride.


Learn to make meal choices that align with your goals and health profile, then craft a strategy to maintain balance throughout your life. Hone in on meal timing and accountability for ultimate success.

ready to begin your journey to health success?

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