Philosophy only has value when it IS EXPRESSED as action

To create success we must first muster enough energy, courage and focus to sustain us through the process of manifesting our goals. It's not hard to understand the physics of Success once we understand physics itself. Body mechanics reflect your inner personalities, and visa versa. So, in order to ensure success in the physical reality we must too focus on deepening the connection between our body and our mind. The Fragrant Qigong Experience does exactly this:

1. The Fragrant Qigong Experience shows us where we are weak/strong, both mentally, physically, and emotionally while simultaneously correcting bodily imbalances and improving oxygen flow to the brain.

2. The Fragrant Qigong Experience improves joint and muscle function. Helping one to recover faster from strenuous physical activity or stress. 

3. The Fragrant Qigong Experience creates a fun and dynamic container for community/team connection. As the postures are synchronized amongst participating members, a sense of flow and ease around work and relationships is established. Participants often talk about how grounded they feel after the session.

4. The Fragrant Qigong Experience teaches us to be more mindful of our surroundings, intimate connections and work load. This helps to clarify the mind and allow one to experience deeper states of meditation. 



Qigong (skilled breath), originally termed Dao Yin (guiding energy), is an ancient Chinese mind-body healing art practiced for thousands of years and likely having roots from India and Tibet. Qigong improves one’s mental and physical health by integrating postures, movement, breathing, techniques and focused intention. A large bonus to practicing Qigong is emotional clarity and decreased inflammation markers.

Aromatherapy is used during the experience to elicit memories and feelings that remind the body to function coherently and the mind to function with precision. Essential oils have been distracted from their plant essence for thousands of years, starting with the late invention of medicinal health therapies. Today's technologies, and mastery in the craft of distillation, provides us with the best quality oils, capable of connecting us with scents and feelings that otherwise would not be available given our metropolitan environments. 

Meditation is the oldest form of self-relief, a simple guided process and your feeling clearer, more focused and devoid of any negative head jargon. A clear headspace means more room for spontaneous creativity, solutions and productive dreaming.