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Living as Fine Art: Tea Ceremony is a 1 hour meditation and dharma talk facilitate by organic fair trade aged tea imported from Asia. To drink tea alone can be a wonderful and introspective journey, a meditation on beauty through the synergies of flavor, smell, and taste. To drink tea among friends under the right circumstances magnifies the sensations of the tea, making it easier to see the beauty that tea has to offer.

This immersive experience harbors a deep awareness and centeredness of being. Together will create more peace, have a better understanding of self, and practice meditation. Living as fine art is by definition a way of living in which we know ourselves better, able to make better choices that produce more success, happiness and health.

"Song of Seven Cups"
by Lú Tóng of the Táng Dynasty

One bowl moistens the lips and throat;
Two bowls shatters loneliness and melancholy; 
Three bowls, thinking hard, one produces five thousand volumes;
Four bowls, lightly sweating, the iniquities of a lifetime disperse towards the pores.
Five bowls cleanses muscles and tendons;
Six bowls accesses the realm of spirit;
One cannot finish the seventh bowl, but feels only a light breeze spring up under the arms.

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Living as fine art

Art and beauty have the power to nourish and refine the soul. Not only do they bring pleasure but they profoundly move the heart and mind. Beauty fosters a deeper appreciation of life and all creation. Throughout history, art has touched the part of the human spirit that exists above the struggle for survival and beyond the sphere of reason. It can put humankind in touch with the best qualities of human nature. When touched by beauty we place a higher value on life and on all creation. The arts foster harmony both within the individual and among communities.

… the mystical power which springs from the artist’s soul passes though the written word, though the visual image, the musical instrument, the song or dance, and plucks at the soul of all mankind.
— Meishusama

tea ceremony

Tea, in itself, has been used for thousands of years to nourish and appreciate the human experience. To drink tea grown from a trees over 500 yrs old is truly an exquisite experience. A tea ceremony includes many aspects; the proper set up, living tea, clean water, spacious environment and quality utensils. Most importantly though, the ceremony creates a powerful container for appreciation and connection to ourselves and each other. A nourished belly, heart and soul helps one to feel fullfilled in life, ready to take on challenges and deepen lifes purpose and service to our world.

The Teas are of the highest quality, ceremonial grade, and are harvested from wild, old growth tea plants. The availability is extremely limited and irreplaceable. To experience these Teas is an honor and a special opportunity offered to very few people on Earth.

First, tea connects us to nature
Second, tea connects us to ourselves.
Third, tea connects us to each other.
— Wu De