In a world full of choices, it’s often difficult to discern which are the correct ones. If we walk into a store hungry we will choose different food then if we had walked into he store with a list. It’s funny how our mindset gets in the way of making choices that are better for us.


Like most people I thought that 80% of my success came from exercise and 20% came from what I put into my body. And I now know that it is the opposite. For the body to function at its highest levels it must be properly fueled. And for many, that is just not the case.

I train my clients to:

  • Learn what “good nutrition” really means. 
  • Become committed their results. 
  • Use a nutritional progression model that’s based on real science and research. 

Our food can’t support everything the body needs, and so I teach people how to balance what their food choices are, what their supplement intake is and what their body metabolism needs. I then customize the plan to fit and suit their lifestyle and health goals.

My success at supporting people in a well rounded diet stems from my own and client experiences, and those of the experts that I work with.