We all experience some form of self talk. Lock yourself out of the car and the inner voice pipes up, “Idiot!” Catch yourself naked in the mirror the morning after a few too many trips to the all-you-can-eat buffet and you’re inner critic is likely to cry out “Fatty.”

What we tell ourselves matters! It effects not only our mood but many would argue it effects our cells and our body’s well-being.  Here are three ways to defeat negative self talk and turn your inner chatter into an ally.

  1. Flip the negative insult, into a positive statement
    1. Rather than tell yourself I’m training “So my butt doesn’t look fat” or because “My gut’s too big” craft a mantra that states your goal rather than the problem.  You might say: “I love feeling strong and full of vitality."
  2. Acknowledge the good choices you made today
    • It’s easy to fall into the trap: “I’ll feel good about myself, when _________.” Instead, compliment yourself about the mindful and healthy decisions you made today. “I’m so pleased I did cardio for 30 minutes.” “I’m glad I passed on the pizza and had that healthy salad and bowl of soup for lunch.”
  3. Be where you are
    • If you are just returning to working out after a long hiatus, be patient with yourself. Instead of doing Zumba till you drop or bench pressing so much weight you can barely raise your toothbrush in the morning, allow yourself to progress. Tell yourself: “I feel great after today’s workout. I’m keeping at it.”